LifeInMotion Exercise

Physiology Clinic

LifeInMotion Exercise Physiology focuses on treatment, prevention, early identification and rehabilitation for chronic disease, injury and illness.

We are a locally owned Allied Health Clinic focused on providing exceptional care to the growing area of Mackay and surrounding districts. Our dedicated health professionals take great pride in providing high quality, holistic primary health care to people of all ages. 

Bone Mineral Density and Falls Prevention

Lifestyle Modification


Maintaining Independence and Mobility

General Health and Wellness


Cardiac Rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

Chronic Disease Management

  Mental Health

Why Choose Us

Our evidence based practice enables us to provide safe, effective and individualised treatment of a wide variety of conditions.

Here at LifeInMotion, we understand that no body is the same, and that each individual requires their own specific dose of exercise. So, whether you are recovering from an injury, managing a chronic disease or simply trying to make a healthy lifestyle change, we can help. Come in and see us today and let us help you keep your LifeInMotion.